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  • Carmine you have a wonderful voice, and everything else you great-Hi
    by Judas
  • SOOOOO proud of myself! I know EVERY word to ' I Told You So', "Brokenhearted", "Hello", "Too Many Fish" and I'm working on Walking On The Moon!!!! Listen your whole album every day!!!!! I absolutely LOVE you guys!!!!!! Good luck on tour and hopefully I g...
    by TheKarminFan
  • Ugh I am officially obsessed! I have run out of videos to watch.
    by For the love.
  • Yea Boston I'm down the street from Berklee getting my Masters in Architecture at the BAC. Awesome music.
    by Justminick
  • one quick question.. Amy how do you breathe when your rapping!!!
    by Amy_Nick5
  • i am your biggest fan!!! You have to come to London Ontario at the JLC to preform!!!!!!!!!!
    by allonada818