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  • Hey Karmin! I'm from Nebraska too! I actually don't live that far from Seward. Anyway love your music listen to it all the time! Bye!
    by LexiMarie17
  • karmin ur music is inspiring and i cant stop playing it on my ipod, i dont think i will anyways. ur song too many fish is my favorite and i can relate to i told u so and hello. dont let them keep u down ur rapping is the fastest ive ever heard and i want u to keep up the good work! make more music!...
    by roseandjrath
  • None of the other bands even come close to Karmin's Talent!! Anyone can turn on 'Auto-Tune' And make a song. But it is very rare for a band to have pure talent Live on TV or without any Auto-tune. Beauty, Talent, and Excellent song-writing abilities!! And Nick.. His talent speaks for...
    by Karminite_number_1
  • I am a young 57 and think your music is great, some the best new entertainment around, you stated once that you are like a modern Simon and Garfunkel, I agree. Keep up the good work presently I think the only other active group to bridge the generation gap is Tom Petty and the h eartbreakers. BRAVO...
    by Jim Ackley
  • I am totally in love with Karmin, my whole family is in love with Karmin!! I down loaded all of your music and have to admit you have become my total obsession and my families guilty pleasure. In fact my 10 year old and I can spend hours watching your youtube videos (which we do almost every night)...
    by vibrant_chef
    by ewerton cleyton