Check out our new lyric video for I Want It All!!!!!

Glamoholic Cover!
Check out our Glamoholic cover and get some info on the tour, new single, and upcoming album!!!

Baltimore / Pittsburgh!!!
Baltimore and Pittsburgh!!! Get your tickets and send us your info over at We want to meet you.


*Sweeps rules!

Happy New Year's Eve!
We've had a great 2013 and we are looking forward to an even more amazing 2014!!! We want to thank all of you for making this possible!!! We can't wait to share new music with you and feel your love on the #PulsesTour!!!! Karminites, you are all truly amazing!! Happy New Year's Eve and much love!! Amy and Nick

12 Days of Karmin - I WANT IT ALL!
Finishing the #12daysofKarmin ,we want to share with you a special video from Amy and I. Enjoy!

12 Days of Karmin - Day 11!
On the 11th day of Karmin we are giving away 2 more concert tickets!!! Keep tweeting "Pulses 2014 #12daysofKarmin" to win!!!! :)

12 Days of Karmin - Day 10!
Day 10 of Karmin everyone!!!! We are giving away a signed lyric sheet :) Keep tweeting "Pulses 2014 #12daysofKarmin!!!"

12 Days of Karmin - Day 9!
On the 9th day of Karmin we are giving away another t-shirt!!!! Tweet "Pulses 2014 #12daysofKarmin" to win!!!! Thanks guys

12 Days of Karmin - Day 8!
We're giving away a custom nail wrap for this 8th day of Karmin! Keep tweeting "Pulses 2014 #12daysofkarmin to win!
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