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Queen Latifah - TOMORROW!

Tomorrow we will be with Queen Latifah performing from the newly released #Pulses!!!

Celebrate the release of #PULSES with us! We're doing a Soundrop live chat TODAY at 12:30EST. Click here to chat with us and listen to our entire album!

Watch What Happens + GMA - TUESDAY!
Watch what happens live on Good Morning America on Tuesday, March 25th!

Late Night with Seth Meyers - MONDAY!
We will be performing on Late Night with Seth Meyers this Monday!!! Wonder if Stefon will be there...

More 'Behind the Songs'-- "Hate To Love You" & "What's In It For Me".

If you missed it-- Check out 'Behind the Songs' on YouTube! #9DaysofPulses

Get "Pulses" Now!
Get #PULSES track instantly with pre-order HERE!

The newest video is here!!! Check out #Pulses with a special guest narration by George Takei!!!! WE LOVE THIS!!!

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