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  • Aug

    Billboard Tent Jam at...

    Skylar Grey crashed our Lollapalooza party! Watch the magic happen:

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  • Jul

    By Request: Cover of...

    Hello, loves!

    Thanks for all the awesome requests and sorry for the delay in posting this cover of “Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato. We’ve been working on an album for you, so we have to make it as awesome as you are! No pressure, huh?!! :)

    Love & Lamborghinis,

    Amy & Nick


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  • Jul

    New Cover From LA! Party Rock...

    Hey Karminites!

    We’ve got a new cover out for you — welcome to the new living room, haha!  We’re in California now and Nick got a cool new shirt, do you like it?

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  • Jun

    That’s Rocawear: Karmin...

    Hey Karminites! We drove across country to California last week and have been searching for a new living room to shoot our homemade videos :) For now, watch the video we made at Rocawear in New York! Of course, we had to throw some Jay-Z in there! #SwagSandwiches

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