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  • Aug

    Interview with TJ from Z100

    We hung out with TJ from Z100 and created our own jingle for Elvis Duran &amp; the Morning Show! Interview &amp; jingle <a target="_blank" href=";article=9049656">right here!</a>

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  • Aug

    Eminem – Lighters ft. Bruno...

    Hey gang! After a failed attempt at recording this in our living room (our neighbors were pounding on the walls due to excessive rapping, no joke) we’re back in the studio again!

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  • Aug

    Billboard Tent Jam at...

    Skylar Grey crashed our Lollapalooza party! Watch the magic happen:

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  • Jul

    By Request: Cover of...

    Hello, loves!

    Thanks for all the awesome requests and sorry for the delay in posting this cover of “Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato. We’ve been working on an album for you, so we have to make it as awesome as you are! No pressure, huh?!! :)

    Love & Lamborghinis,

    Amy & Nick


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