New Karmin Cover – Just a Kiss

Hey Karminites – we’re back in the ‘ole Boston living room! Enjoy our live remix of Lady Antebellum’s “Just a Kiss.” We want to dedicate this cover to our YouTube family, because without you guys we would be NOWHERE! We’ll never forget that! xoxo *internet smooches*

RAP VERSE (by Amy & Nick…but mostly Amy, although Nick wants credit)

Nah, I don’t wanna say goodnight

We be dancing in the moonlight, dancing with the stars tonight

Lemme get this right and tell you everything I’m feeling like

You the really sweet type, not the regular Mike & Ike

Not the regular sugar high, nobody gonna be crashin’ tonight

I’ll be waiting standing by your window with a rose like – yeah

I’m Romeo reversed role

Even if it’s just the first date, I’m on the 9th hole

But who’s counting?

I already found a soul mate

Thinkin’ we should celebrate, maybe even commemorate

Maybe even set a date?

What am I saying, pump the brakes

Tell me what you wanna do, all I really want’s a kiss or two

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