New Cover From LA! Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO

Hey Karminites!

We’ve got a new cover out for you — welcome to the new living room, haha!  We’re in California now and Nick got a cool new shirt, do you like it?

We will continue to post cover videos while we record our album, so keep sending the song requests!


Love and lasagna!

-xoxo Amy and Nick




ORIGINAL RAP VERSE (written by Amy this time, not Nick at all)

Workin’ through the weekend, who’s the boss?

Run it to the end zone, Randy Moss

If everything you need in this life is free

Then tell me how the people in this club gonna drink

Fill ‘em up already tender, tell me do I need a lender

Just to show I’m no pretender, VIP I’m not a member

But if you tell me to leave I’ll say no, like ‘Get Him to the Greek’

Oh fa sho!

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