Karmin Open Up The "Karmin Book"

Karmin Open Up The "Karmin Book"
Watch as Amy and Nick open up the greatest gift of all--the Karmin Book made by you guys...the Karminites!

Karmin Book from The Complex Group on Vimeo.

You Karminites ROCK!

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  • Just saw you guys on Goodmorning America Lord help the music industry..saw neon tree and Gangm last night on Tv now you 2this morning substance!!! Very sad
    by Jburd2013
  • Merry Christmas Amy and Nick, and Happy New-year!!! Hope to see you in Michigan at some point
    by Karminite2013
  • AAAWwwww Karminites are so crazy and sweet lol!!! I Love Karmin, the daringest-duo!!! Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the KarminBook Btw Amy loving the sweater
    by trini_sjayelle