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Time: 5:00 pm
Date: 30 August 2014
Venue: Nebraska State Fair - Grand Island, NE
Location: Grand Island, NE
Tickets: Tickets

Karmin will be headlining this year's Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island, NE. The tickets are sold at no cost, but there is a $6.00 convenience fee making the total of your order $6.00 per ticket.
Tickets will be available on July 28 at the Heartland Events Center Box Office and

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My daughter Logan was born premature with some physical disabilities. When she was just after a year old in 1998, she had a broken femur and had to have it surgically repaired. 6 weeks after she got out of the cast, she had club foot surgery to fix some bones that were overlapping in her foot. There were some other setbacks along the way and she didn't learn to walk until she was over 3 years old. Music was always a big part of her life. She wanted to try dancing when she was a tween, but nobody would take her because she was considered too old. A new dance studio opened in Columbus Nebraska 5 years ago and gave Logan a chance. She took to it like a fish in water. Last year she was 16 and it was just her 4th year in dance and her instructor chose her to do a hip hop solo for competition. The song she danced to was one of your songs, I Told You So. She was in the 15-16 year old age group, but there were a few competitions that combined her age group with the 17-19 year olds. I think there were only 2 competitions where she didn't take 1st overall. That's including hip hop, jazz, and all other solos combined. She started out in life behind the ball, but she has always had a great attitude and never asked to be treated any different than anyone else. She is a big fan of you guys and mentioned the other day about wanting to come see you in Grand Island at the Nebraska State Fair on August 30th. Logan has always been an inspiration to me. When things are going bad for me, I always look at her and realize things aren't so bad and could always be worse. So being a dad, I was wondering if I got her to Grand Island on the 30th if you guys were going to do a meet and greet or something and how would I go about getting Logan to be able to just say hi. I know the music business is hectic and there's always a tight schedule, so I understand if it doesn't work out. We'll still go to your concert. She's made it clear we won't miss it. My email address is <a href=""></a>. Thanks for your time and the great music!