Time: 8:00 pm
Date: 29 January 2014
Venue: Baltimore Sound Stage
Location: Baltimore, MD
Tickets: Tickets

PULSES Pre-Order!
FAQ: Where is #Pulses?!?!?!

A: We still do not have a release date for #Pulses, but we are just as restless for it to drop as you are! You can make sure you get it first HERE. ♥ Amy and Nick :)

Check out our performance on The X Factor - Australia!

Check out our style...

Vote for Karmin for MTV's EMA Award!
Take 2 seconds and vote for the MTV EMA Award!!!! Thanks guys!!!

Vidzey App!
So this is pretty epic. Ever watch #Acapella and wonder where we get our clothing, cars, and even that green toaster? Well now you can get everything on Vidzey!! Try it out!

How can #Acapella get even better? Check us out with Mike Tompkins!!!

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